Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's a Miracle!

Well, sortof.

Although I have already updated the one person that actually reads AND comments on my blog, for those of you that lurk (and I know who you are) we ended up getting 10 inches of snow overnight. School AND work were cancelled and I spent most of the day fielding phone calls and trying to dig us out.

My back, legs, and arms hurt from shoveling and I'm still not done. I should go out tonight before my muscles really rebel, but I'm going to wait until morning to at least do the rest of the driveway. This is one of those times I wish my kids were older so they could help, hubby was able (he has a back injury that prevents him from shoveling unless he wants to be bedridden for a week while he heals) or that we had a snowblower.

Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow, but if all goes well I will be home before noon. If it doesn't I will likely be home around 12:30 with about 2 hours of 'extra pay' this week to tide me over. Since I won't actually have WORKED more than 40 hours the 2 hours is paid at straight pay. That is if my boss will let me take vacation time for today. According to her I was expected to limp into work and risk going in the ditch so our members could do the same just to get their money? Unbelievable.

A few pictures from today:

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T1 in the snow. Look at the snow on the picnic table!

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T2 with a piece of snow off T1's boot.

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Nevermind me mom. I'm just going to grind this into the carpet, k?


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