Saturday, October 21, 2006


Men can be such assholes sometimes! I came home yesterday from running errands around 11:00 am. R was nowhere to be found, even though he had been home when I had left a few hours before. I figured he was out running errands of his own and puttered on the computer and then fixed lunch for me and T2. My mom called while we were eating, we went shopping later in the day and returned home around 6:00 pm. R is still nowhere around. I called his cell phone and got voice mail. I left a quick message and decided I wasn't going to bother him any more than that.

My jaw started hurting quite a bit before I went to bed last night so I put off doing most of the housework I had intended to do. Around 3:00 this morning R came home drunk, made tons of noise and collapsed next to be in bed on his back. Of course within minutes he's snoring and I can't make him roll over. My tooth sockets were aching so I got up and took something and finally fell asleep only to be awakened by R stomping around the house at 6:30. In the process he woke T2 up meaning the end of my sleep so I got up and fed him.

At this point R is still noticably drunk. He put a pot pie in the microwave and never went back to it so it was soggy and ruined, woke everyone up and then proclaimed he was leaving for work. I told him I hoped they fired his ass for showing up to work drunk, but he didn't listen.

I think I'll get around this morning and go to my parent's house to visit. I don't feel like telling him 'I told you so' when he comes home all pissed off about getting fired.

**update: R called me a little while ago and wanted me to take him something to eat and drink. I told him I would but that it would be awhile and he then said to forget it. No mention about anyone noticing he was a bit under the weather, so I don't know. I guess it could be much worse, but I still don't like it. I think we're going to wait until tomorrow to go to my parent's tho, cause I want to watch NASCAR on their big-screen TV!


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